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Club Dog for Kids

Club Dog for Kids has been  created especially for kids who love dogs. Pets & Company has developed a head-start program for kids who have a passion and driving interest in dogs. We will create a solid foundation in basic obedience, training, grooming, pet ownership and an introduction to canine health & behavior.

Requirements for Students

  • Ages 10 to 15
  • Must have at least a C average in school
  • Signed waiver by parent or legal guardian
  • Must have a dog that can attend classes and is available for practice at least 15 minutes per day at home
  • Commitment to success!

When: Weekly on Sundays from 1:00-2:30, sessions are 8 weeks long

Cost: $325 for the first session (includes all grooming and training tools and equipment)

$200 for following sessions

Where: Pets & Company

What is included: The cost of the first session will include: Training collar, leash, treats, waste bags. The basic grooming kit will include, brushes, combs, trimmers, nail clippers, scissors, ear cleaner and styptic powder. Cost for supplies are included in the first session.

Our program is primarily hands-on so learning will be fun and inspirational. Our goal is to ignite the passion for knowledge within each student and inspire them to become involved in animal related programs. Club Dog for Kids is a great way for students to begin exploring the wide range of possibilities dog training has to offer.

Students will learn dog training basics, how to properly bathe/groom their dog, proper canine nutrition and exercise, dog behavior and characteristics, and many other pet ownership requirements and responsibilities.