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Doggie Daycare is a great way for pets to socialize and exercise while their owners are at work. We offer convenient pick up and drop off times for our Doggie Daycare visitors. Our facility is equipped with both an indoor climate controlled play area and a large out door fenced in play area. Your pets will be safe and sound while you are busy with your day.

Doggie Daycare Programs

All dogs participating in group play must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age. Dogs must be up to date on their vaccination and all visitors must be evaluated prior to socializing and interacting with other dogs.

We offer a wide variety of activities for dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages and temperaments.

Puppy Kindergarten

(for Puppies Under 12 months old)

Puppies love to play and explore, which provides the basis for age-appropriate learning & physical activities. Our puppy curriculum consists of potty training, basic manners, social skills, cognitive development through training, interactive toys and games as well as physical exercise with other dogs and socialization during the crucial canine fear impact stages.

Our puppy program includes 5 days of daycare for 6 weeks, Monday through Friday, 6 group classes with our trainer, puppies and their families each Saturday.

“Mental exercise tires a dog physically more than physical exercise does”

                                                                                                                                                                                   Dr. Ian Dunbar

Moderated Groups

(For dogs that need both mental & physical activity)

Most dogs need both mental and physical exercise to be truly happy. Our Moderated Group offers a structured daycare program that we have developed, which keeps our guests both intellectually and physically satisfied. Our daily curriculum is full of personality matched group recesses, one-on-one time with our staff socialization with our entire staff, naps, toy time, treat time, as well as fun and fulfilling activities that will have your dog utilizing his mind!

Social Athletes

(for dogs that only need physical/social activity)

For dogs that get along well with every personality type we offer large group recess all day.

Lone Rangers

For dogs that don’t play well with other dogs or would just rather be with humans. We have a curriculum that includes, one-on-one time with our staff, socialization, naps, toy time, treat time, as well as fun & fulfilling activities that will have your dog utilizing his mind!


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