Train Don’t Complain

Obedience training is critical when it comes to nurturing a healthy human-animal relationship and creating a socially compatible pet. The basic elements – sit, down, stay, come, and heel – help produce a good canine citizen. In a practical sense, obedience-trained dogs have an easier life, and are easier to live with, than their untrained peers. If dogs desist from jumping up on strangers, sit or lie quietly when asked, and walk politely on lead, they’re bound to spend more time with their owners going to picnics, ballparks, and other public places, and will spend less time alone at home.

As training is a personal matter please feel free to discuss your concerns with our Trainer who will be happy to schedule a consultation with you and your dog.

Club Dog for Kids Training Program

Individual Training

Day Training: Drop off daily between 6:00am and 9:30am, pick up between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. The trainer will work with your dog throughout the day, your dog will also be allowed to attend doggie daycare for socialization which is crucial to his development. All day training includes a private lesson with the trainer and owner at the conclusion of the training.

Board & Train: Board your dog at Pets & Company for 7, 14, or 21 days. During your pets stay he will be spending time with our trainers, working on issues and basic obedience throughout the day. All Board & Trains include a private lesson with the trainer and owner at the conclusion of the training.

Private Lessons: Work one on one with the trainer in your home or in our facility to address any behavioral issues or to increase your dogs skills and activities.

E-Collar Training: E-Collars can be added to any of our training services, an E-Collar is an electric collar with a remote control much like the invisible fence except it is much more effective, humane and it’s uses are endless when used properly. The Dogtra IQ E-Collars are very compact, light weight, user friendly and rechargeable. It’s basically like having a wireless leash for your dog, whether your having problems with your dog coming when called or jumping all over guests that visit your home it can be the simple solution to many issues.

Basic Commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, OFF, Leave-It, Loose Lead Walking, Heel, Wait, Quiet, Lie Down on their Bed

Tricks: Roll Over, Bang/Play Dead, Sit Up, Spin, Twist, Speak, Take It, Bring It, Get it, Out/Drop It

Day Training

$435 5-Day (3 Commands/Tricks)

$625 5-Day with E-Collar (3 Commands/Tricks)

$750 10-Day (6 Commands/Tricks)

$940 10-Day with E-Collar (6 Commands/Tricks)

Board & Train

$85 Add 1 Day to Board

$799 1 week (7 days/6nights)

$1499 2 weeks (14 days, 13 nights)

$1999 3 weeks (21 days/20 nights)

Add an Ecollar to any package for $179.99+tax

Private Lesson

$85 1 Hour Lesson

$375 (5) 1 Hour Lessons

$650 (10) 1 Hour Lessons

$179.99 Dogtra IQ E-Collar


$59 – 60 Minute Refresher

$39 – 30 Minute Refresher