Dog Spa & Sanitary

Dog Spa in Chesterfield, Missouri

Our dog spa in Chesterfield, MO is the best when it comes to providing an excellent experience for your pet. With their days spent playing outside or going through dog training, your furry friends can’t help but get dirty. All their favorite activities involve sweat, dirt, and the great outdoors, so making sure they are clean and well-kept is a must.

Spa Services

We offer Brush-Outs, Blow-Outs, Teeth Brushing, Ear Cleaning, Nail Grinding, Bath & Nails, Furminating, & Anti-Itch Derma Treatment. Baths include ears, nails, 5 min brush-out & full blow-dry. Bath & Nails or Furminate: Call/Text for Price

  • Bath & Nails or Furminate-Call/ Text for Price Nails Only-$22
  • Teeth Brushing +$7
  • Ear Cleaning Only $5
  • Owner Provided Shampoo add $20
  • Anti-Itch Dermal Treatment or De-Skunking add $20-$50
  • Additional Brushing & Blow Out each 10 Minutes $15
  • Flea & Tick 30 Day Topical Preventative S-$20 M-$25 L-$30 (Flea & Tick Preventative is mandatory if Parasites are present)

 Monthly Subscription

  • Fresh & Fluffy 1 Dog $69/month
  • Fresh & Fluffy 2 Dog $109/month
  • Pretty Paws Pledge $30/month per dog
  • Fresh & Fluffy: weekly brush, teeth brushing, ear cleaning & nail grinding.
  • Pretty Paws Pledge: nail grinds up to twice weekly.

Dog Spa & Bathing Benefits

Beyond just looking nice, there are many benefits to your dog visiting the spa on a regular basis. Taking your pup to a professional will help them maintain a healthy tangle-free coat, removal of dead hair and undercoat, clean ears, healthy skin and short nails which helps to prevent arthritis. Not only will it leave them soft, smelling great and feeling good but our meticulous inspection of their skin, coat, nails, teeth and ears will ensure everything is healthy. Nature’s Speciality Sheazam is our standard shampoo we use for all of our guests. Sheazam is a gentle sulfate free shampoo, it repairs and promotes hair growth while softening frizz, hydrates, detangles and is also antifungal, antibacterial, adds sheen to the coat without leaving it oily.


– Furminate –

The ideal choice to cut back on the amount of hair you find around the house. Our furmination process gets rid of the loose fur on your dog’s undercoat. This allows your dog to have a healthier coat, while also helping to keep the house clean.

Anti-Itch Treatment

We use the finest shampoos from Nature’s Specialties, our Anti-Itch Treatment involves a 10 min massage in Nature Specialties DermaTreat followed up with Nature’s Specialties oatmeal conditioner or Remoisturizing Conditioner. DermaTreat has been used for over 20 years to treat a variety of skin ailments. This shampoo has been recommended by a leading Holistic MD and the professional groomers’ ultimate choice for those special cases when nothing else seems to work. A great choice for both dogs and cats as their best option for a Natural Flea Control Alternative. Medicated with just the right formulation of Vitamins, Aloe Vera and natural oils, so it penetrates into the skin to help soothe and treat many skin irritations including severe dry itchy flaky skin, Hot Spots, Ringworm, Flea Bite Dermatitis, Seborrhea and other Dermal Inflammations.