Dog Training

Dog Training in Chesterfield, Missouri

We offer professional dog training in Chesterfield, MO, and private at-home lessons. Training classes include obedience, socialization, and potty training to teach your pup beginner, intermediate, and advanced skills that are taught by our trainers.

At Pets and Company, we understand that a well-trained dog adds to the enjoyment being a dog owner. Our trainers have a wide variety of training options and packages available to suit unique needs. With a little time and effort, our expert dog trainers are able to provide puppy training, obedience training, and correct behaviors like toy possession and leash walking.

All of our training evaluations are complementary to ensure your dog is placed in the correct program.

Training Programs

All of our basic training programs are created to bring out the best in you and your dog. They are designed to build a fundamental foundation that will enrich the relationship and strengthen the bond between you and your canine companion. The foundation you lay is what makes a good dog great.

Puppy Kindergarten

For puppies under 9 months old. We teach your puppy how to be handled, use his mind, engage with you and other dogs, laying a solid foundation from which you and your dog can build. We also reinforce potty training and acclimate him to grooming including weekly bath & nails, blow-drying and brush-outs.  Includes a slip-lead and 2 private facility lessons.


  • $1,599 5-day M-F for 4 consecutive weeks
  • $1,599 3-days per week for 6 consecutive weeks

Day Training 15 Day $1,599

Drop off your dog daily, M-F. Dogs are taught self-control, “leave-it”, basic obedience, walking loosely on lead, “off”, “place”, “quiet” and any other problem behaviors you’d like addressed. E-Collar and 1 facility private lesson included.

Board and Train 3 Weeks $2,499

Lodging included, like our day training program, dogs are taught M-F and will learn self-control, “leave-it”, basic obedience, walking loosely on lead, “off”, “place”, “quiet” and we gladly address your dog’s specific behaviors issues.

    Refresher Course 10 Day $1,199

    A 10-day program. Dogs attend training for two consecutive weeks from M-F. This is intended to reinforce commands that were already taught with added distractions and real-life application. E-Collar and 1 facility private lesson included.

    Day School Subscription

    Fulltime Daycare, with 2 Days of training and daycare on non-training days.

    Day School Subscription Rates
    1 Dog:   $799 month
    2 Dogs: $1,299 month

    More Training Options

    • 1-Hour Private Lesson at our Facility $99 or In-Home $169
    • Group Classes 1-Hour Weekly Class for 6 consecutive Weeks $249
    • E-collar Technologies Mini or Micro Educator $219.99+tax
    • Slip lead or Long-Line $12+tax